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WordPress Security

Today WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world. Convenient and easy to manage, many blogs, websites, and portals are built on its basis… and that is why WordPress is the most popular target for hacker attacks and SPAM.

All of the above is also confirmed by statistics – on average, 90,000 WordPress-based sites are hacked every minute around the world… the owners think that the site is not interesting for crackers and therefore safe, but this is not so.

As a rule, hackers do not care who owns the site, what its age, size, content, and so on. Sites are hacked to gain control over a host and use its resources.

Everything you need in one package

We provide a full range of services to ensure the security of your site on WordPress!

Protection testing

Comprehensive website penetration testing with all known types of hacker attacks. Analysis and reporting of protection modernization.

Virus cleaning

Identification and localization of infection, cleaning the file system and database. Removing the consequences of viruses. Re-infection protection.

Enhanced security

Installation and configuration of additional security systems. Updating all system components. Protection against hacking, virus infection, and spam.

We will take care of the safety of your site!

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