Control Panel 1.0

The first version of the Client Control Panel has been published, and now we will try to briefly but informatively tell about its functional part.

We try to find a personal approach to each of our clients, so it is important for us to provide the most convenient access to information about the services provided. It is also very important to be able to independently manage the services provided. But first things first…

First – Authorization

Almost immediately after filling in the data on the registration page, an email will be sent to your e-mail with authorization data… nothing special, there is only a password.

To enter your Service Control Panel, open any page of our site and click on the “Sign in” button in the upper right corner. In the window that opens, enter your password, click “Sign in” again… done!

Service control panel

Immediately after authorization, you will be directed to the control panel page. The screenshots below use test data, just clarify 🙂

Basic actions

In the control panel, the client can:

  • make payment for services, including setting up regular payments (more details here);
  • get acquainted with the history of credits/debits;
  • activate/suspend the provision of services;
  • change your personal data;
  • change Password;
  • familiarize yourself with the service agreement;
  • get a personal referral code (to get a discount).

Website management

In the control panel, you can add several sites at once and conveniently switch between informational reports. There is one balance for the account, monthly fees for each site are summed up.

Information summary

Our systems constantly analyze the status of your server. We automatically receive a message about excessively long response times and server unavailability – this allows us to start solving problems that have arisen almost immediately after they arise.

This information is also available to our clients for review.


In addition, special notifications will be displayed in the control panel when there are scheduled or ongoing work.


History of completed works

Maximum openness of technical processes. maintaining WordPress sites is our goal. It’s always nice to know what you paid for.

The control panel records all maintenance, planned and unscheduled work, all completed tasks for the entire maintenance period.

The completed work table shows the time is taken and a short description for each task.


And this is just the beginning!

Our goal is to provide the most transparent and open service for those. maintenance of WordPress sites. We tried to implement the most convenient control panel… did it work? Time will tell.

In any case, we have already received, and continue to receive wishes, and recommendations from our clients and are already working on the next version, a more convenient and functional control panel.

Thank you for your attention! Your itwp.

Published: 27.10.2020.Follow the news!Best regards, itwp team.