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Terms of Service

1. Customer account

1.1. When requesting registration on the itwp website (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor), the client (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) is obliged to provide reliable and specific information about himself and about the service that he plans to transfer for service. The customer is responsible for the operability of the email address and the activity of accounts in social networks, and messengers used for communication. To communicate with the Customer for the provision of the Services, the Contractor will send messages by e-mail and through short message services (Viber, Telegram, and others).

2. List of inappropriate materials in the provision of services

2.1. The Customer’s sites provided to the Contractor for service should be used only for legal purposes and not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine and international legislative acts.
2.2. List of materials that are inappropriate:
2.2.1. Warez, crack resources.
2.2.2. Websites for selling accounts (social networks, online games, skype, PayPal, email accounts, etc.).
2.2.3. Sites dedicated to counter-strike, half-life, lineage, world of warcraft, and all other games (all games, regardless of name, type, and genre).
2.2.4. Pirated archives of films, music, books, television, and computer programs (even if the files with video and music are located on other servers).
2.2.5. Sites of financial pyramids, sites dedicated to the MMM organization, sites of “mutual assistance”, site advertising financial pyramids.
2.2.6. Websites for HYIP projects (a fraudulent project that looks like a high-yield investment fund), websites that advertise HYIP projects, websites that provide ratings for HYIP projects.
2.2.7. Hacker-oriented websites and forums.
2.2.8. Torrent trackers.
2.2.9. Applications that are used on social networks.
2.2.10. Sites that distribute smoking mixtures, drugs, and marijuana seeds, or sites that advertise similar activities.
2.2.11. Online pharmacies, sites that distribute drugs, or sites advertising similar activities.
2.2.12. Casinos, sportsbook sites.
2.2.13. Websites that advertise illegal activities.
2.2.14. Phishing sites (clones of existing sites).
2.2.15. Sites of political parties and political movements, any other sites related to politics or containing information of a political nature.
2.2.16. Pornographic sites, webcam sites, escort service sites.
2.2.17. Card sharing services.
2.2.18. Services with automatic payment of funds.
2.2.19. Proxies and anonymizers.
2.2.20. Network scanners.
2.2.21. Password guessing software, keyloggers.
2.2.22. Scripts for sending spam.
2.2.23. File sharing services, file sharing for images, and the like.
2.2.24. Sale of any goods, works, services for which a license is required, without a corresponding license.
2.2.25. Lotteries, gambling sites.
2.2.26. Crawl and indexer scripts that download information from third-party sites.
2.2.27. Currency and cryptocurrency exchange sites.
2.2.28. State information resources.
2.2.29. Websites, Internet pages, or domain names for which there are open (unresolved) claims or disputes, including legal ones.
2.3. The Contractor reserves the right at any time (in whole or in part) to refuse to provide the Services, including the Contractor has the right, without agreement with the Customer, to stop the provision of services if materials are posted on the Customer’s website that, in the opinion of the Contractor are obscene, threatening or defaming the honor, dignity and business reputation of a person containing libel, as well as materials that promote hostility, violence, aggression, racism, separatism and/or materials that violate the requirements for the provision of the Services.

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